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T&K Pediatric Services Tristy Working with Girl Speech Therapy

T&K Pediatric Services

Because Children Should Be Seen And Heard

What We Offer

At T & K Pediatric Services, we offer comprehensive care for children birth-18, including speech therapy, physical therapy, early intervention, occupational therapy and behavioral health. Our locally owned business is committed to providing the highest quality of care for your child. Let us help your little one reach their highest potential

Our Services Include:

T&K pediatric services speech therapy


Our Pediatric Speech Therapy team specializes in helping children from infancy through young adulthood have a voice! We offer play-based therapy to help with articulation, language delay, developmental delay, voice disorders, and dysfluency. Our experienced and compassionate team will work with your child to identify and address any speech or communication challenges they may be facing.



Early Intervention Services are available at no cost to all children from birth to three that qualify in the state of North Dakota. The connections in a baby’s brain are most adaptable in the first three years of life. Over time, these connections become harder to change. The earlier services begin the more likely a child is to reach his or her best potential.

T&K pediatric services occupational therapy


Pediatric occupational therapy helps children gain independence while also strengthening the development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize in their home, school, and community. OTs help children perform daily activities they may find challenging by addressing sensory, social, behavioral, motor, and environmental issues.

T&K pediatric services physical therapy


We specialize in pediatric physical therapy, helping children gain strength and improve movement. We also offer dry needling, sports injury therapy, and treatments for torticollis. Our therapists are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to each one of our patients and their families. We strive to create a safe and inviting environment that is tailored to each individual’s needs.

T&K pediatric services behavioral health therapy


Our services offer a range of services to support the mental and emotional health of children. Our team of licensed behavioral health professionals will offer assessments, therapy, and counseling services to help children cope with a range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, and more. We offer services for children up to age 8. We will take older children (up to age 12) if part of a family unit with younger children. 

Founders of T&K Pediatric Services Tristy Carroll and Kristy Lorenz

Who We Are

Welcome to T&K Pediatric Services, where our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing top-notch care for your child. The founders, Tristy Carroll (L) and Kristy Lorenz (R), bring 37 years of combined experience and expertise to our clinic. They co-founded T&K Pediatric Services together in Jamestown, North Dakota nearly 20 years ago in 2004.

At T&K Pediatric Services, we are driven by a shared passion for helping children and families thrive. Our commitment to excellence, combined with years of experience and a genuine love for what we do, makes us a go-to destination for speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, early intervention, and behavioral health care. Join us on this journey, and let us empower your child to communicate, grow, and achieve success.

Our Champions for Children

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"You are helping my boys heal from so much trama, you are so loving"
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"You are so friendly and make us so comfortable"
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